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New Wellness, Flu Shots & TeleHealth

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New Wellness Program!

Through a partnership with Doctor’s Care, biometric screenings are now available. Biometric screenings include; lipid profile, comprehensive metabolic panel, thyroid test, blood pressure, height and weight and more. In addition, flu shot clinics are available to be set up onsite at the office. 

Flu Shots: What You Need to Know

The Flu vaccine is still the best way to protect our communities from influenza.

Which Blue Cross Blue Shield Groups have the Vaccine Network?

All fully insured groups and some ASO groups.

Any changes in flu vaccines this year?

Yes, Federal health officials decided the nasal vaccine should no longer be used, because of doubts about its effectiveness.

Types of vaccines available:

  • Regular injectable flu vaccine
  • High dose flu vaccine (fluzone) recommended for people 65 and older. The high dose helps boost mmunity defense for older people, whose reduced immune system puts them at greater risk for flu complications.
  • Intradermal flu vaccine: uses a short tissue and is injected into tissue instead of muscle. This is a less painful option for those that our skittish about needles.

At the doctor’s office:

For groups with preventive benefits under the Affordable Care Act, there also is no change for flu shots administered at an in-network doctor’s office. An exchange member seeking a flu shot through the pharmacy benefit must use a CVS pharmacy.


Remember – TeleHealth is a great option when you don’t have time to go to the doctors or are out of town. Please click the link for a great story of the benefits of using TeleHealth.

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