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Be Happy. Live Healthy. Stay Well

“We provide our clients with a unique online wellness survey, then we use those results to custom fit a wellness program to their needs. The well being of our clients is important and we believe implementing a wellness plan is a great step to a healthier and happier company.” – Marshall Beckham

Wellness Services

  • Lipid Profile

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

  • Complete Blood Count

  • Blood Pressure Check

  • Height and Weight

  • Prostate Cancer Screening

  • Liver Profile

  • Renal Function Profile

  • Diabetes Screen

  • Flu Shots

  • Employee Educational Sessions

Custom Plans

We offer our clients customized wellness plans after carefully researching the company’s wants and needs in the work place. This program gives employees options and information to work and live in a healthier environment, along with opportunities to expand their physical and mental health.

Each client has the opportunity to give their employees a Wellness Survey, provided by us. After all results are in, we go over the results and requests and find the best possible wellness solution to incorporate into your workplace. Whether it be wanting to lose weight, eating healthier or adding more fitness or activities in your daily routine, we will do the research and provide solutions to what is most desirable to you.

We will also provide our clients with a professional speaker on the topics of diet, exercise, and overall health.  We will offer our employer clients one complimentary 30 minute session with a professional trainer. Additionally, we offer clients a 5% discount for a one year membership to Old Village Gym. Any trainee participating in the complimentary 30 minute training session or the discount gym membership will present Old Village Gym with a voucher that includes their name, date, company, and email.  We provide the voucher and it must be presented to Old Village Gym prior to session or membership. Contact us with any questions or more information.

Wellness Survey Sample