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Are You Utilizing All Of Our Resources?

Beckham Insurance Group is here to help make your job and lives easier! We do that by making sure you have access to all the tools and resources available. One of our many free services that we give to our clients, called HR360, has added some exciting new enhancements that could help make your job easier!

New Employee Benefits Benchmarking This benchmarking tool is now available on HR360 in the ‘HR Apps & Tools’ section. The data used in the benefits benchmarking tool is based on an annual benefits survey sourced from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and published every September.

The Employee Benefits Benchmarking tool provides detailed information about participation in various benefits, broken out by worker and industry characteristics. The data is presented as the percentage of employees who have access to or participate in certain benefits or as average benefit provisions – for example, the average number of paid holidays provided to employees each year. There are benefits benchmarking survey results for Benefit Combinations, Healthcare Benefits, Life, Short-term Disability, and Long-term Disability Insurance Benefits, Other Benefits, Paid Time-off Benefits and Retirement Benefits.

Total Compensation Statement Builder This has customizable fields to Compensation, Insurance, Work/Life benefits categories to the Total Compensation Statement Builder tool. A new category called ‘Miscellaneous Benefits’ has been added.

Employee Handbook BuilderYou can now build, update and customize your Employee Handbook with this simple tool. The handbook is written and maintained by our team of legal editors. Click here to get started!

All of our clients have access to HR360, and if you are interested in getting a free demo or 30-day trial, please email Michelle, at

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