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2016 Rate Increase for Under 65 Grandfathered Plans for BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina is applying a 19 percent rate increase for Under 65, grandfathered plans ONLY (plans and freestanding drug benefits that became effective before March 23, 2010). Here is a sample notification we will send to grandfathered members today.

Under 65, non-grandfathered plans (plans that became effective between March 24, 2010 and December 15, 2013) WILL NOT receive a rate increase.

Members with grandfathered plans will have a few options. You can:

  1. Keep their current health plan. Many members will find that keeping their current health plans will be the best option. By keeping their grandfathered plans, members can keep their larger network of doctors and all their current benefits. (INCLUDES MUSC)
  2. Change benefits within their current health plan type.  members could lower their monthly premiums by changing their deductibles, out of pocket or coinsurance.  You can check your options by calling Blue Cross direct at 1800.868.2500 EXT 46401.
  3. Shop for a new ACA Plan with BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD ONLY.  Under the rules of Special Enrollment Period (SEP), Blue Cross is recognizing this a Qualifying Life Event (QLE) to shop for a new Blue Cross plan.  email us your DOB’s for all family members, residential zip code, and yes/no to tobacco usage. Members moving from a grandfathered plan to an ACA plan will receive a new benefit period. Deductible carryover is not an option.

Important Network Note: Any members who choose to move from a grandfathered plan to an ACA plan will not be able to keep their current network of providers. They will have the ACA Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) network which does not include MUSC.  check network   

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